Peakeep Hanging Bag Case Holder for Charging Mobile Cell Phone, Soft Silicone Case, 1 Bonus Free Wall Charger Included.

I bought this Peakeep hanging bag case for when I stay in places other than my house, I can keep my phone in a protective pouch while charging. Sometimes the hotel rooms you stay in have inaccessible wall outlets by the nightstand, this helps with that.

Package arrived on time: The package did arrive on time as promised by seller, not disappointed.

Box/Packaging Condition: The stand arrived in a box along with other Amazon products and were all wrapped in bubble wrap.

Price of item: I feel like the product is well worth the price of the item, I would pay retail to order this item again.

Look of item: Just as described and pictured on amazon.

Size & or weight of item: It does not weigh much but it is well made.

Smell of item: Smells like new.

Item used for: Keeping my phone off the floor when no table is present.

Item Effects or reactions: Nothing bad to say about product. I love the fact that it is portable and I can take it with me anywhere.

Recommend item: I would recommend this item to anyone who is interested in the product. I have nothing but great things to say and I would be happy to answer any questions that some one interested in buying this product may have.

Compare to other brands: I have not seen anything like this before so I have nothing to compare this product to.

Item Satisfaction: I am completely satisfied with this item and so happy I took the chance and purchased it. Im glad I did procrastinate to purchase this Peakeep brand bag holder for my iPhone.